Additional Recommendations For Your Bunkie

You can add additional windows to your bunkie (please inquire about pricing). We can recommend stain, roofing, furniture and contractors for installation (if you’re not DIY).

Bunkie Life Extra Windows x

Additional Windows

Yes, you can add more windows to your bunkie. Please inquire for more information. Let us know how many you would like to add to your order.


VicWest Metal Roofing x


We recommend a metal roof from Havelock in Ontario, or VicWest Canada-wide. We provide the specs so you can order it.


We recommend staining your bunkie and using Sansin Enviro Stain, a Canadian company. Learn the benefits of this stain and how to stain your bunkie


Fold Flat Ladder

All the loft bunkies come with a ladder but are you thinking of a more compact one for the Haven models? Check out this compact fold flat ladder.


 We recommend Cubic Mini Wood Stoves, a Canadian company. Use this affiliate link and coupon code Bunkie5 to receive a 5% discount.

Solar Power + More

Canadian Off Grid Depot has a variety of off-grid options. If you’re a Bunkie Life client, mention Bunkie5 to receive a discount. Contact: Ryan Brooks

Bunkie Life Sun Mar Composting Toilet for Bunkie x

Composting Toilet

We recommend a composting toilet for the Bunkie Life bathroom bunkie. Check out Sun-Mar or Canadian Off Grid Depot for composting toilets.

Bed Frames

We recommend the low profile Quagga Designs No Fuss Plus Bed Frames. Made in Canada and drop shipping Canada-wide. 


For furniture, lighting or décor, we recommend a Canadian company Log Furniture AND MORE – solid wood, rustic furniture. Use code Bunkie5 to receive a 5% discount.

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