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What is a Bunkie?

A Bunkie is a small log cabin and a beautiful addition to any property! The 2018 Log Cabin Bunkie has approx 96 sq ft of interior space plus a loft big enough for a Queen size bed! No building permit is required, and you do not need power tools to set it up!

What is it For?

People have purchased our Bunkies to use as a backyard guest house for family or friends (4 adults can sleep in it!), cottage bunkie, home office, art studio or a place for personal space.

You could also earn money from one by turning it into an Airbnb! We have an Airbnb in Erin, Ontario.

For fun you could have a man cave or a she shed, a playhouse for the grandkids, private spot for yoga or meditation, a micro-bar, private reading area, or that special place you've always wanted. The possibilities are endless!

Why the Contest?

I am so excited about our new 2018 Bunkie Model that I'm buying one for the winner of the contest. The inside is as beautiful as the outside! I know that these are awesome and I want other people to be able to enjoy them too! After all, I own 4 of these myself 🙂

Am I eligible?

To enter our contest, you must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of Ontario, Canada. The top raffle prize is a $6000 Bunkie! Anyone can win! The other top 10 prizes are based on points. You will see how to accumulate points once you enter the contest.

What Is Included?

The Prize includes the complete Log Cabin Kit:
- Walls + door built with beautiful wood logs
- Wooden access ladder to the loft
- Six windows to enjoy natural light and let the fresh air in!
- Tongue and groove floor boards
- Roof deck boards (and you can add your choice of roofing)
- Hardware - door handle, lock
- Also the trim!
- Easy to follow building instructions
- Set up in 1-2 days
- No power tools required
- No building permit required!

How Can I Win?

Enter your Name + Email Address or Connect through Facebook, and you have a chance of winning the Grand Prize!
There will be 10 other prizes given away as well to the top 10 contestants on the Contest Scoreboard


People's Comments so Far:

Photos of the Log Cabin BUNKIE

Enter HEre before The Contest Closes MARCH 31, 2018

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"Our cabin is amazing! We love it!"
Christine & Matthew C.
Fergus, ON
Rules: Don't cheat. Play nice. Must be 18 Years of age or older and live in Ontario, Canada. No purchase necessary. Prize(s) ARE transferable at our discretion. Best of luck!
David Fraser - Owner of Bunkie Life - Erin, Ontario, Canada
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