How Bunkies Help You When You Need More Space

Video Transcript 

I’d like to share the story about how I got into Bunkies and what problem they solved for me. 

So in 2011, I bought a country property outside of Erin, Ontario which is this little hick town kind of outside the GTA. I love living in the country and one of the downsides of living in our particular living arrangement is that we have a pretty small house. So a great amount of property but you know 1200 sq ft for our family to live in. 

My parents would often want to come up and visit the new grandkids. I was finding that my Mom was getting a little bit miffed about having to sleep on the couch because we didn’t have an extra bedroom for her.

So I started getting these emails in my inbox with suggestions about tiny homes and different yurts and things like that. I didn’t find any of those that appealing to be honest. I was a little embarrassed that I had to put my Mom on the couch. I did feel like we were crowded and cramped but I didn’t know the right solution. I didn’t think a yurt was that solution or a tiny home that cost $75 000. 

So in my search I found different products and the one that I really liked the best was this one kind of solution where basically you put these logs together and they snap together and you have your own log cabin. And so that is what I ended up buying. 

Since then, my Mom always has a place to crash when she comes and it’s really solved that problem for us and allowed us to have guests over whenever we want.

We now have 3 different Log Cabin Bunkies and I started renting them out which is another story but in terms of being able to host guests and have sleepovers at our house and have Nan and Grandad come visit and spend time with the grandkids has really solved that issue for us.

So that is kind of how I got into it and the story of why I love Bunkies so much because for me it solved the problem of not having enough space.