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Helpful Information About How To Build a Bunkie

David answers common questions about how to build a bunkie. How do I build a foundation? What tools do I need? How do I stain it? How do I insulate and heat a bunkie? With the help of friends or family you can build a beautiful bunkie. Watch our videos below or find even more videos on the Bunkie Life YouTube Channel.

How To Heat a Bunkie

If you’re thinking of using our bunkie in the colder months we recommend adding your choice of heat source(s). We also recommend insulating under your roof and floor when building to keep the heat inside.

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How To Insulate a Bunkie

If you are interested in using your bunkie in colder weather, we recommend adding insulation under the floor boards and roof while you are building to retain heat. You will also need to add a heat source.

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Bunkie Life recommends Sansin to stain and protect bunkie

How to Stain Your Bunkie

Are you wondering how to stain and preserve your bunkie? We recommend a long lasting wood stain made by a Canadian company Sansin Corporation. Sansin SDF is a superior penetrating finish for wood in a wide range of natural, semi-transparent

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Build a Cabin Bunkie in 5 Hours Video

Build a Bunkie in 5 hours – Time Lapse Video

Watch the ground-up construction of a bunkie from Bunkie Life in Southwestern Ontario. You will see it being built from beginning to end in just a few minutes. Bunkies are a great option if you are looking for extra room and bunkie kits make building a bunkie much easier.

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Bunkie Life Watch How Easy it is to Build a Bunkie

Watch How Easy It Is To Build a Bunkie

In this video, Ron and Jim show how you how to add the precut Northern Spruce logs for your bunkie strongly and securely together. When you purchase your bunkie we have manuals and instructional videos of how to build your bunkie.

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Do I Need a Building Permit To Build a Bunkie?

David Fraser explains that a building permit is not required for a structure occupying less than ten square metres (108 square feet), based on the Building Code Act, 1992. Be sure to check on the local bylaws and set back requirements before starting your project.

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Bunkie Life Owner David Fraser

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