Helpful Information About How To Build a Bunkie

David answers common questions about how to build a bunkie. How do I build a foundation? What tools do I need? How do I build the bunkie? How do I stain it? With the help of friends or family you can build a bunkie from a bunkie kit in one weekend. Watch our videos below or find even more videos on the Bunkie Life YouTube Channel.

Bunkie Life recommends Sansin to stain and protect bunkie

How to Stain and Preserve a Bunkie? Are you wondering how to stain and preserve your bunkie? We recommend a long lasting wood stain made by a Canadian company Sansin Corporation. Sansin SDF is a superior penetrating finish for wood in a wide range of natural, semi-transparent

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9 Tools You Need to Build Bunkie from Bunkie Life

What Tools Do I Need to Build a Bunkie?

0.08 1. Measuring Tape: This is helpful when you’re getting started. The logs in the Bunkie Kit are pre-measured and pre-cut, but the measuring tape will help you confirm the size. 0.28 2. Hammer: To knock the tongue and groove

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Build a Cabin Bunkie in 5 Hours Video

Build a Bunkie in 5 hours – Time Lapse Video

Watch the ground-up construction of a bunkie from Bunkie Life in Southwestern Ontario. You will see it being built from beginning to end in just a few minutes. Bunkies are a great option if you are looking for extra room and bunkie kits make building a bunkie much easier.

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Bunkies give you a place to escape and the extra space you need on your property without the hassle of getting a building permit.

Want to see inside a bunkie? You can look inside the 2019 Bunkie in 3D. Or curious how to build a bunkie? Watch the Naus family build a bunkie in 5 hours in a time lapse video.  How do you build a foundation? David explains how to build a foundation and other helpful videos. Like how to choose stain and care for your new bunkie so it lasts a long time.

Curious to see our models? View all Bunkie Life bunkies. 

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