How we deliver a Bunkie Kit on a trailer attached to a truck

How Much Is Delivery For a Bunkie?

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May 9, 2018 – YouTube Video – 1.2 Minutes

David Fraser explains how you can get a Bunkie delivered to your home or cottage. Bunkie Life could deliver it or you could use a truck and trailer to pick it up. 

0:15 David explains the cost of shipping
0:30 Pallet dimensions of the Bunkie Kit
0:40 The type of truck and trailer you would need if you pick it up in Mississauga
1:00 Description of delivery times: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5pm

Video Transcript

Hi everyone! David from Bunkie Life here. I wanted to answer a few questions I am getting quite frequently about shipping. So right now we are happy to deliver for our customers if need be and it’s usually about $300 within a couple hours of Toronto and a little more obviously if you are father out.

If you want an exact quote, shoot me an email, I can let you know what it would cost for us to get it there.

The package that comes is a pallet which is about 14′ long by about 4′ tall by about 4′ wide. We’re happy if you want to pick it up as well from our warehouse in Mississauga. You will need a double axle trailer that can carry the kit which is about 2500 pounds and you’ll need a trailer that can do that. So usually a heavy duty truck and a decent trailer and then when it delivers it’s good to have a couple people there to help unload.

Usually we’ll unload piece by piece and put it right at your build site if we can get close to it. That helps speed everything up. So if you have a couple people there that would be great.

Usually our deliveries happen Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm and that’s also the time you can come pick up from our warehouse.

If you haven’t ordered already the weather is getting nice and we only have a few left if you want to get it before summer. Let me know if you want to order one. Call 1-866-4-BUNKIE to order.


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