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How To Add Electricity to a Bunkie

We recommend hiring a Licensed Electrical Contractor to make sure the job is done safely and properly. 

A Licensed Electrical Contractor will assess how much power you need and safely install conduit and/or cable for your electricity needs.

Electricity installed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor

Off-Grid Power - Generating Your Own Electricity

For off-grid power, options to consider are:

  • Compact power storage devices that can be charged ex. Bluetti, Ecoflow or Jackery
  • Rechargeable lights or battery operated lights
  • Solar panels on the roof or a ground mount (more advanced option); most people opt to put the solar panels up themselves and a Licensed Electrical Contractor will do the final tie in

If you are in the planning stages and researching your options, Canadian Off Grid Depot can advise on power and solar options for lighting, laptops, charging stations or TV to more advanced solar power systems for a generator, water pump or mini-fridge.

Off grid power from battery operated and rechargeable lights