How To Build a Foundation For Your Bunkie

How do I build a bunkie and what do I use as the base? I will show you what I have done personally at my property. I recommend an inexpensive and effective way to build a foundation.
Bunkie Life How to Build a Bunkie Foundation

How do I build a bunkie and what do I use as the base? I will show you what I have done personally here at my property and then what I would recommend.

Let’s go into that. You can tell there’s some snow but I’m wearing a t-shirt. 

This is what I have built. I have cinder blocks you can see here at the bottom. That’s a cinder block, it cost about $5. On top of that there is a 4 x 4 pressure treated post that goes all the way underneath the floor. 

So the kit includes the floor joists but it doesn’t include the pressure treated posts I showed you. Some people put a cement pad and they’ll actually put a bunkie on the cement pad. But I find that relatively cheap fence posts and cinder blocks usually cost less than $100 for the whole thing and you get the job done really securely. Then you also have a nice air gap so wind can get underneath the bunkie. You can basically keep it well ventilated underneath which is going to prevent any type of moisture issues from collecting under there.

So that’s what I’ve done and that’s been the most effective for me. I’ve got 4 bunkies like I say, of different shapes and sizes and this works the best. You just kind of get it a little off the ground and then um, you know it’s a quick, easy, dirty way to do it.

We are going to have an instructional video. If you buy a bunkie from us there’s an instructional video for each kit showing exactly how to build the base and how to build your structure.

But perhaps maybe you don’t want to build your own Bunkie? Maybe you’d rather source that and drink beer and watch someone else do it? That’s fine too. Right now until the end of the month we have a free installation offer to anyone in Ontario.

So if you’ve got a bunkie that you want built and you buy it from us, we’ll install it. So you don’t have to worry about any of this stuff. So give me a call or an email if you’re interested in accepting that offer. It is valid until April 30th 2018. Talk to you soon.

Order before April 30th to claim free installation – – 1-866-4-BUNKIE

UPDATE: How to Build a Foundation for the 2018 Log Cabin Bunkie from Bunkie Life, June 2018
The floor joists run from front to back. It is ideal to run 3 supports from one side to the other. Space them so you have one under the front wall, one in the middle and one under the back wall. Space them 9′ 3″ apart from front to back so they are directly under the bunkie and supporting the walls.

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