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How To Build a Foundation For Your Bunkie

There are many ways to make a foundation for your bunkie. We describe them below as “Floating Foundation”, “Deck Foundation”, and “Slab Foundation” – this is not an exhaustive list of options, but should get you started.  Please note because there are varying methods, we do not provide foundation materials. Read more on these three options below:

Floating Foundation

Some clients chose to do a very basic floating foundation by doing the following:

– Removing the topsoil,

– Laying some crushed gravel

– Footing options such as patio stones, levelling pads, cinder or deck blocks

– Laying several 6×6 pressure treated beams horizontally across the above.

The best part? We provide a schematic for this to help you!

Since this type of foundation is floating you may experience ground shifting and settling over time. The solution? You can jack up a corner and re-level the foundation as needed (usually it’s not too big of a deal).

Deck Foundation

Another very popular option would be to construct a base similar to how you would for a deck. Here is what that workflow looks like:

– Using sonotubes or helical piles or similar as your footings

– Building a deck like top with pressure treated wood (usually 2×8’s) and joist hangars, etc

– We also have a schematic of how to do this as well, based on the bunkie you choose!

Slab Foundation

Some clients will go all out and install their bunkie on a concrete slab.

– Pour concrete slab

– Fasten the pressure treated floor sleepers that come with the kit to your concrete using Tapcons or similar anchoring method.

We always keep an eye out for cool new innovative foundation options as they become available to the market. 

If you buy a Bunkie Life bunkie, we will provide foundation ideas and detailed build instructions via an online link. 

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