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How To Build a Foundation For Your Bunkie

In this video, we will show you one way to build a foundation. There are a lot of ways to build a foundation but we think the this is one of the easiest and simplest methods.
*Please note: In this video, we are using patio stones because this is what the customer had. Other people pour sono-tubes or use cinder blocks. We also recommend using more 4×4 pressure treated posts than we used here (this particular install didn’t need it due to its location).
1. Measure out the area you need for the foundation using the foundation sizing provided for your kit. It’s a great idea to use string and map it out to make sure it’s exactly the way you want it.
2. Start in one corner at the highest spot and dig down (or build all other corners up to match the level at the highest). You need to start from one corner and basically work out from there.
3. Then use your level and your pressure treated 4×4 post to measure how level it is. We usually recommend about 7 pressure treated 4×4’s running in the opposite direction of the provided floor joists.
4. Use gravel to help even out your base. Keep working on it until you get nice and level.
5. We recommend 3 points of contact per 4×4.
6. Use the pressure treated 4×4’s for the base, then run your pressure treated floor joists that come with the kit in the opposite direction.
7. Then screw the boards together for a firm foundation.

Take your time and do it well — no one ever regrets going overkill on a foundation 🙂

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