2018 How to Get More Points For the Log Cabin Bunkie Contest

Facebook Live Video – Friday March 7, 2018 – 8:00 PM – 27 Minutes – 4,466 Views - David explained how to get more points for the contest and answered many questions people had.
Bunkie Life How Do I Get More Contest Points

Facebook Live Video – Friday March 7, 2018 – 8:00 PM – 27 Minutes – 4,466 Views

Video Transcript

(David sings while waiting for people to get online) A couple people are asking does the entertainment come with the bunkies? Maybe, let’s talk about that 🙂 

I am going to answer questions. I have a few things I want to talk about before we get into questions so thanks to everyone who pre-did their questions. I have lots to answer.

First of all, I’d love to hear where everyone is from so if you could comment below I’m Craig from Toronto, wherever it is. Just comment where everyone is from, I’d love to see that and I’m going to tell you an overview of what we’re going to do. I’m going to talk a little bit about the Bunkies and why I got into them and love them so much. We can talk about you know, I kind of said there is a way to win extra points so we’ll talk about that. Then at the end of the call  I’ll answer all the questions. I want to make the the presentation a short amount of time then I’ll answer questions as long as you need me to answer questions. Ok?

So great! I’m getting everybody’s feedback about where they’re from. So, basically my story. I’ll tell you my story. I live just outside of Toronto in a little town called Erin. I’m married, I have 2 awesome kids. Let me show you some photos here. This is me and my wife and our daughter Evie where we live and we live up on a hill. This is me and Evie and there’s my girls all together. So we live in the country kind of thing, not in a huge house but we live in the country with a little bit of property and my situation, the reason I got into Bunkies is my parents always want to come visit the grandkids and they always want to crash at our house because they live kind of far away but we don’t have a big house and they always end up on the couch. So my Mom started texting me all these photos of tiny houses, little cabins and Bunkies and stuff and I was kind of like ya whatever kind of Mom.. I don’t know if I have the money to do this because they were probably like 30 or 40 thousand dollars and I’m a musician by trade so anyways I got this one from my Mom about these little log cabin kits that you can build yourself. I thought that’s pretty good because I can put some of my own effort into it and they were 6 or 7 thousand dollars and they kind of snapped together like big lego kits. I thought, I can do that!

So I ordered my first one and let me show you the photos of that. I ordered my first one in September of 2015 and let me show you a few photos. So the very first Bunkie I built. This is me and my father doing the foundation. It was simple cinder blocks and then we did snapped these logs together. It’s kind of how the Bunkies are built, and more logs came together and then this is me and my dad and my father-in-law in front of the Bunkie after we built it. We built this whole thing in basically a day. This is kind of the finished product. Being an entrepreneurial person, I decided maybe we can make some money on this? So I threw it on Airbnb just for fun. I’ll show you my first listing. I called it the Private Teacup Chalet. Believe it or not it has been very very successful. I have had hundreds of guests from all over the world for the last few years and I will show you here. I have 157 5 star reviews. People love them. It is in the country, you can get a nice view of the hillside. So this summer I actually built 2 more Bunkies. One deep in the woods on my property and then one back fields and I built a bathroom Bunkie. I won’t show you all the pictures of those but I built this past Spring, the one with the loft that I’m selling now. I think of all the Bunkies I built, I wish I had of just built the one with the loft times 3 or 4. It is by far the best one. The one with the loft has a pretty good price point. It has all the features you need. You can have people sleep up in the loft. It fits a Queen size mattress so you can fit two people up there. Then also it has a Queen size bed in the main part as well. 

It’s just great for 3 or 4 guests. Most of the time just a couple and maybe their kid or my daughter loves sleeping in the Bunkie with her Nan and Grandad. So she’ll go up in the Bunkie and they’ll sleep on the bed. It’s a nice kind of guest house. There is no bathroom. Some people are thinking tiny house. It’s more like a guest cabin. In a nutshell it’s perfect for sleeping 2 or 3 or 4 people. So, that’s more or less how I got into them. I can talk all day about how awesome the they are but today’s presentation is not specifically about how great the they are. I want to talk about the contest itself.

I am sure if you’re watching this you’ve probably seen the contest and you’re probably in the contest. We’re doing a Win a $6000 Log Cabin Bunkie! We’re giving away the 2018 Model, it’s the best one. It even has a few improvements to the one I own. We’re giving it away no strings attached. I want to explain how the contest works. When you enter, all you have to do is go to our website. www.bunkielife.com and put your name and email in there. When you enter, you get a chance to win. So when you enter you get a chance to win. Everyone gets one chance to start. Then you can do different things to get what we call points. Every time you earn 50 points you get one extra chance to win. I thought that was the most fair way to do it so that it’s not a popularity contest. Everyone does have a chance but you can increase your odds by earning more points. Also, there’s 10 sub-contest prizes. The top 1 and 2 will get $3000 off. You will get a $6000 Bunkie and now it will only cost you $3000. 4, 5 and 6 will get $2000 off and 7, 8, 9 and 10 in terms of leaders will get $1000 off, which is still pretty sweet. So that is how the point system works. There’s been a lot of questions about specifically how do I get more points? This what I think is going to be the bulk of our chat together. I wanted to rush through the other step.

So, we have questions in the box. If you could start asking questions and typing them in now, questions not so much about the Bunkies and their structure and building material, I will get to that later but for now, if we could focus on questions specifically about the contest. While you’re typing in contest questions I’m going to answer the one I’ve been getting all the time, all day long for the last couple days. Sorry before we get into that, I expected this contest to have about 200 of my friends and family members in it, maybe I could dream amazingly 6 or 700. What I didn’t realize is this thing would go viral and we now have like 700 people coming into the contest per day. It’s up to 3 or 4 thousand people already. I’ve been blown away.

How do you get more points? Let’s talk about that. The number one question about getting points is what we call the referral category. I’m going to log in. I’ll tell you what, I’m going to enter the contest live. Ok, so I’m going to show you what you have to do to enter this contest. Go to bunkielife.com and I am going to enter the contest. So I’m going to join. My name is David. My email address is david@dcfweddingmusic.com. Don’t worry guys, I’m not going to win my own contest, that would be really cheap. So I’m joining and then it takes you to the Contest Scoreboard here. This is where all the fun begins. Once you’re in the contest, I’ll take you there. My computer is very slow.. it’ll say something like this “You are fan 3517”. There are different actions you can take. When you scroll down here it says “Here’s How To Get More Points”. You can see that right? There a couple options. You can like the Bunkie Life Facebook page. That will get you 15 points, and you can only do that once. You can also over here add a comment. You can only do that once. Something like “Love that Bunkie! You suck at guitar Dave but I’m looking forward to sleeping in my Bunkie.” You can also follow us on Facebook to earn 15 points, you can only do that one time. You can share it on Facebook but you can only do that once every day. The way most people are getting points is this thing right here called the Referral. What this means is a specific link, specifically to you ex. queue.vip/QUYEHET then a combination of letters. Now when you share that with friends and family that’s how you’re going to earn what we call referrals. Now I want to be very specific here. So everybody is asking “I’m sharing this link with all my friends and family. Why am I not seeing my 25 points accruing to me?” The reason why is because a referral is different than just sharing the link. A referral for example, if you refer someone to your doctor it only counts as a referral if they actually go to your doctor and sign up as a patient. If you just say hey my doctor’s awesome and they never go to you doctor then you haven’t referred them, you just talked up your doctor. So a referral only counts if you send your specific link to your friend or family, they click on that link and actually sign up for the contest. Actually take action. That is what a referral is. So that will help some of the confusion. I know why there is some confusion, because of the way the interface is. You click on the Facebook like and you get points right away and you share on Twitter and you get the points right away. But with the referral link you only get the points when someone actually signs up. I hope I answered that question, that is the number one question you guys have had.

There have been a lot of comments and questions like is it ok to share it on Kijiji or Craigslist or Buy and Sell sites? I would say probably not because it can get very easily spammy. I would say the best way to share it is write your friends and family directly and say hey I’m doing this contest it’s really cool I would really appreciate if you could consider signing up as well. That’ll get me points. A couple people have said they see a lot of spam on Kijiji. I don’t want this to be a spammy thing I just want it to be something that only people who are actually going to benefit are going to enter. I had a few talks with some of the people who were putting it on Kijiji. Let’s please be respectful. If you are going to put it on Kijiji, put it on your own local area and only do it once. I’ll let you do that. but don’t spam Kijiji all the time, that’s just going to get really dangerous really fast. So don’t do that.

I talked to one guy, I won’t say his name but one of the leaders for a little while there and he said what he was doing was he would reach out to people that were like minded people. He’s a hunter so he reached out to his hunter friends and said hey like I’m in this contest, you might benefit from a bunkie too. That’s a win-win, everyone won in that scenario. I would do something like that. Think about who in my life, friends, family, work acquaintances, former lovers etc. Who can benefit from this? That’s why I would do.

I’m going to start taking questions. Let me go on a question comment thing and field some random ones here. I’m going to go back in time. Let’s try to answer questions specifically about the contest. I saw someone said can I share the link with friends and family? Yes. That’s the whole point.

Where to find the rules and regulations of the contest? This a really good question from Jeanette. Hello I was wondering where to find the rules and regulations of the contest. That is on bunkielife.com and click on the contest. Scroll down a bit, it’ll say what’s included in the prize, what’s not. She also asked, is there a cost to the winner for winning the Bunkie. No cost. If you win the Grand Prize, it’s free. Well, I’m paying for it, it’s not free to me. But you get the Bunkie, no charge. You are responsible for picking it up from our warehouse in Mississauga or we can deliver it to you for a cost. You have to install it yourself. We’re not going to help you with that unless you need help, we can hook you up. So no cost to that. I hope I answered that question. Thank you, Jeanette H. for that question.

Someone asked, are you giving out more points if we watch the video? That was Joanne B. We are not giving out more points for watching this video but thank you for watching. I am going to tell you about a contest my friend’s daughter came up with, a writing contest. I will tell you about that in a second and how to win 201 points. So stay tuned for that. 

Diane, I hope I answered this question earlier. I’ve seen people posting the contest on swap and sale sites. Is that something you are doing or are other people doing that? Other people are doing that, we aren’t doing that. Is that I allowed? I would say keep that within a limit. Do it once for the contest, and that’s it. Let’s not overdo that as I said earlier. Thank you Diane T.

There are some questions specifically about what area of ground I need etc. I will answer those questions in another video. I don’t want this to be too long. Other questions, what type of roofing material? I’ll answer that in another video and I’ll answer directly to that person.

There is a question about purchasing. I’m excited if you want to purchase, we can talk about that at the end of this video. But I want to make sure I get all the questions about the contest. 

If my friend Dave N. is on here, can you please highlight the questions at the bottom. There are a lot of comments. Sorry guys, I’m scrolling through. People are commenting on my singing. Tammy is north of Huntsville, hi Tammy M. Laura from Acton, I think we chatted earlier, that’s great. Dave S. from Milton, great last name. Pat D. from Windsor, that’s a very Windsor name. I went to the University of Windsor. Everybody has that last name in Windsor. Port Colborne, Jen G. is tuning in. I’m glad Diane got her audio working. I’m still scrolling through here. 

Lynn asked do I need to buy any extra building material if I buy a bunkie? It’s not super contest related but I’ll answer it. Pretty much everything comes in the kit with the exception that you need to find a flat level ground to put it on. You also need to figure out what you want to put on your roof boards. The roof boards are there but you need to put on either shingles or metal or something on top. That’s not included in the kit.

John H. when does the contest end? Thank you for asking a contest related question. March 31st is when the contest ends a midnight. We’re going to shut it down and then obviously pick the winner. But I don’t want to announce the winner on April 1st because it’s April Fools and everyone’s going to think I’m lying to them. So we’re going to announce it on Monday April 2nd at 8 pm.

Tammy M. just asked the question can other people share the same link? If other people share your link, the points will accrue to you not to them. So if you want to team up with your family and say ok we’re all going to rally around Tammy, you can do that.

Can I have my family enter with my referral link? Yes you can. Some people are asking, how do I use the referral link, I don’t really know how to use it. Jen H., I’m going to answer that question specifically. I am going to go back into screen sharing mode, please bear with me. Go back to the points screen. When you go to the contest scoreboard you’re going to see your specific invite link. I hope you can see it. Then just copy and paste it. You can email someone and say hey this is the link, please follow this link and sign up. It depends on how tech savvy your friends are. I tried to make it as simple as I could. Queue is a platform I am paying to use, so there are a few things I would change about it if I was a co-owner but I’m not. Hopefully that is relatively simple. You can copy and paste it and send it to your friends and say please click this link and sign up. That’s how your friends and family can use it.

I am getting a different contest number when I share a Twitter referral and when I share a friend referral. Does that matter? I believe there are different numbers. As long as you’re sharing your invite and logged in as you Lisa M., I think it will share your specific information and you’ll still get the points.

How do we get the extra 200 points Sarah J. says? I will get there shortly. How do I get more points? I see people getting 4000 but I cannot seem to get that many. Great question. I think what those people are doing is like I said earlier, they’re phoning up their friends and family and saying hey can you do this for me? They send them a link. I think they’re also thinking where are people that are going to like bunkies going to congregate. Are they going to a hunting hangout or ice fisherman’s conference and they’re going and targeting larger groups of people. I don’t really know because if I was in this contest, I’d be losing (laughs). I hope that answered your question. I’m not sure how everyone’s rocking this contest. There are a few people who are just crushing it. I’m not sure how. Everyone still has a chance to win even if you don’t have a million points. 

Lynn asks can we only enter every 24 hours or is after midnight every day ok? I believe it’s only after 24 hours and when you say enter, you can’t re-enter. You login using your original email and then you’re going to do the Facebook share and the Twitter share. That’s the thing you can do every 24 hours. 

Mark says thanks for the contest. You are welcome Mark! What happens if some of the top 10 people don’t use their award, Sarah J. asks. Great question. If they don’t I’m probably going to go to number 11, number 12, 13, 14 if I can.  Don’t hold me to that, that might be really hard to pull off.But that is what I think is fair to do. I’m going to call all those people and say are you in or out? If they’re out then, I’m going to call the next people in line. I think that’s the fairest way to do that. That pretty much gets us to the end of the questions. If you have any more, feel free to pop in. 

I’m going to address specific questions about the product and how it all works but I’m going to address that in a later video. I don’t want this to be a long boring video. Now how to get 201 extra points. My friend Dave, his daughter Julia is a really amazing young writer. She writes fictional stuff and she sometimes writes stuff for me if I can hire her to do that. So, I’m just going to read what Julia wrote about the little sub-contest. You can email her, julia@bunkielife.com. I created a little thing. I’m just going to read it for you guys. 

We’re excited to tell you that our backyard Log Cabin Bunkie Contest is going far better than we anticipated! We passed the thousand mark not long ago (it should say the three thousand mark) and we’ve only had the contest up for 5 days! We’re so glad that you signed up, and want to give you some more points. So this is how we’re going to reward everyone who tuned into this with more points. Here’s what you need to do. We want to hear from you guys what you plan on using the bunkie for. So write a minimum of 200 words on why you want a Backyard Log Cabin Bunkie, what you’ll use the Bunkie for or basically why you’re in the contest. Reply to Julia’s email and Julia (not me) is going to pick the best 5 people and give them 201 points. If we only get 4 entries then everyone wins 201 points! (laughing) I hope my lack of technical ability is made up for the fact that I got a hair cut tonight 🙂 So email 200 words or more about why you’re in the contest, why you love bunkies and where are you going to use your bunkie.

Without further ado, I think that’s pretty much a wrap-up unless you have anymore questions. Sarah F. asks, some of my friends have an exclamation mark instead of a check, do they still count? As human beings, yes of course, they still count but I don’t know what that means.  Let me do one thing, let me show you a little secret here. If you go to your contest scoreboard, see how it says  Community and if you scroll it says Friends? If you click on Friends, it’s going to show who you’ve invited and anyone who’s accepted your referral link. You can actually know which one of your friends actually signed up versus just told you they signed up.

One more thing, our plan is to finish the contest, give one away, then we’re going to make an offer to you guys – would you like to buy one. We have a limited number, I think 10 left that we could deliver relatively shortly. So if you want to get it before the May long weekend which is probably when some of you will want to build it, then I would say get in touch with us quickly. We’re going to sell out for sure, I didn’t realize how insane this contest was going to be. We would normally sell out by March or April anyways. So just email me at david@bunkielife.com. We can talk about putting a deposit down to reserve one of the ten that we have left now. We can deliver this week or next week or whenever you want. But at least it’s reserved, it’s out of the way. If you do that, we’re going to offer a 5% discount. Then we’ll order more for the contest and the influx of people after that. If you don’t order before the contest ends it might be an 8 week delay, maybe a little longer if we have a lot of people. So if you want it before May long weekend I would suggest putting the deposit down now. 

If you end up winning any of the prizes, we’ll just give you your deposit back. Or a portion of it back if you win one of the thousand dollar off prizes. But no pressure on that. I hope you have a great time. If you’re just in it for the free Bunkie, that’s cool too. I hope you’re having a great time. Thanks for tuning in to the stream and we’ll do another on about why bunkies are awesome later. 

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