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How To Get Your Partner To Agree to a Bunkie (Without a Divorce 🙂 )

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Convincing your partner to get a bunkie into your life.

A decision like purchasing a bunkie is usually one that most people aren’t making without talking to their significant others.  You’re pumped! You’re excited! What do you do if your partner doesn’t (YET) feel the same level of excitement? Let this be the guide to winning over your partner and showing them how much of a difference a bunkie will make for EVERYONE in the family.  Best of luck!

Step 1: Introducing the Idea

  • Start by bringing up the idea of a bunkie in a casual conversation. Mention how you’ve been thinking about adding a small guest house or studio to your backyard and how it could be used for a variety of purposes such as a home office, a guest room, or even a playhouse for the kids. Also, emphasize the fact that the bunkie is made in Canada, which ensures a high-quality product that supports the local economy.
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Step 2: Highlighting the Benefits

  • Next, highlight the benefits of a bunkie. For example, it could provide additional space for when guests come to stay, or it could be used as a private retreat for yourself or your spouse. Additionally, a bunkie can also increase the value of your property. Emphasize that by purchasing a “Made-in-Canada” Bunkie Life bunkie, you are investing in a product that is built to withstand the Canadian climate and is made with materials that have been sourced and manufactured in Canada.
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Step 3: Addressing Common Objections

  • Your spouse may have some objections to the idea of a bunkie.  This is natural and normal.  Remember, you know how great Bunkie Life bunkies are, but they’re not YET on board.  They don’t know what you know.  Be as patient and helpful as you can,  let them know there’s a wealth of resources, articles and videos to help learn from. If there’s an objection, Bunkie Life most likely has an article and a video explaining how to overcome it.
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Step 4: Addressing the “Do we REALLY need this?” Objection

  • Your spouse may think that a bunkie is not necessary. Remind them that a bunkie can serve multiple purposes, it can be used as a guest room, a home office, a playhouse for kids, or even a private retreat for yourself or your spouse. Additionally, a bunkie can also increase the value of your property. Emphasize that a bunkie is not just a luxury item, but it can serve as a functional and practical addition to your home. You can use it to host guests, work from home, or even use it as a rental space to generate additional income. Point out the versatility and flexibility a bunkie can provide to your household, and how it can be used to meet different needs and wants. Don’t be afraid how many times your spouse has been frustrated that there’s just “Not enough room in here”  Additionally, remind them that a Bunkie Life bunkie is a high-quality product that is built to last and is worth investing in.

Step 5: Addressing the “Why buy a kit when I could build it myself?” Objection

  • Your spouse may also wonder why they should buy a bunkie kit when they could build it themselves. Remind them that buying a kit means that all the materials and instructions are included, making the building process much simpler and faster. Also, remind them that you’re not going to save any money if you consider paying yourself for your time and that you’ll get a better finish. Additionally, Bunkie Life kits come with a warranty and customer support, which could save time and money in the long run. Also, the Bunkie Kit that actually gets built will ALWAYS beat the hypothetical “made from scratch” bunkie that nobody ever gets around to.  

Step 6:  Addressing the “It’s too expensive” Objection

  • Your spouse may also think that a bunkie is too expensive. Remind them that a bunkie is typically a fraction of the cost of a full-sized addition to the home, and that it can also save money in the long run by providing a space for guests to stay rather than needing to rent a hotel room.   Comparing a Bunkie Life kit versus hiring a contractor for a custom build usually makes a Bunkie Life kit seem down-right affordable. contractor built projects often suffer from time AND cost overruns. Additionally, you can also look for financing options or even consider renting out the bunkie as a vacation rental to generate additional income. The Bunkie will add tremendous value to your property, not just in potential income, but also in property value. According to a poll of over 100 realtors across North America 87% of prospective buyers see a Bunkie as favorable or VERY favorable towards a purchasing decision. Also, remind them that purchasing a “Made-in-Canada” product means that you are getting a high-quality product that supports the local economy.  

Step 7: Addressing the “Why don’t we buy a cheap, imported kit?” Objection

  • Your spouse may be wondering why you would choose a “Made-in-Canada” Bunkie LIfe kit over a cheap, imported option. Remind them that purchasing a Made-in-Canada product means you’re getting something that has been manufactured to the highest standards and is built to last. Also, it supports the local economy and you can trust that it’s been designed to withstand the Canadian climate.  A Bunkie Life Kit is made with materials that have been sourced and manufactured in Canada. Additionally, by choosing a Bunkie Life bunkie kit, you’re getting a product that comes with a comprehensive  warranty and customer support, which can provide peace of mind and save time and money in the long run. In contrast, imported kits may not be built to withstand the Canadian climate, may not have warranty or customer support and the quality of the materials is often flimsier.  Emphasize that the Bunkie Life  kit is a worthwhile investment that will provide many benefits for years to come.
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Step 8: Invite your partner to learn more

  • If you’re with someone who wants to see things, we offer a 1-on-1 Video Bunkie tour over zoom or come to the factory & Showroom in person! Click here to book YOUR tour
  • If your partner would rather speak with someone from our team: Click here to book a phone call with us 
  • Prefer to ask questions over e-mail? Shoot us a message anytime