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How To Seal Your Bunkie

We recommend the following products to seal and weatherproof your bunkie:

  1. Perma-Chink Energy Seal
  2. Perma-Chink Log End Seal

1. Perma-Chink Energy Seal

Perma-Chink Energy Seal is an excellent choice for sealing around the doors, windows and corner joints of your bunkie.

Unlike commonly used caulks, which look shiny and artificial (and don’t always adhere well to wood), Energy Seal has excellent adhesion and is textured to match the visual characteristics of wood. 

Energy Seal is easy to apply and accepts stain so the sealed joints become virtually invisible. It has a smooth, professional finish, virtually disappearing into the walls after it’s applied.

Tools and materials required for application
Caulking gun, water/spray bottle, towel/rags, Energy Seal, painters tape (optional), trowel (optional)

Recommended Locations To Apply

  • Sides and top of windows/doors
  • Top to bottom of each side of your dovetail corners (3 sides per corner of bunkie)
  • Horizontal seams around the dovetail corner
  • Along the roofline (gable ends and where the roof boards meet the side walls)

Learn How to Apply Perma-Chink Energy Seal (6 min video)

2. Perma-Chink Log End Seal

Perma-Chink Log End Seal is a clear finish designed to protect exposed log ends from the elements. The end grain of your wall logs are vulnerable to absorbing water, and can act like tiny straws, drawing excessive moisture into the wood. 

Log End Seal provides a durable, water-repellent barrier against sun, rain, snow, and ice. It applies white and will dry clear, showing the stain colour beneath.

Tools and materials required for application:
Paint brush or paint pad, Log End Seal

Recommended Locations To Apply
Cut ends (see video)

Learn How to Apply Perma-Chink Log End Seal (3 min Video)

What We Recommend For Your Bunkie

  1. Energy Seal: 6 – 24 tubes, depending on your kit size
  2. Log End Seal: 0.5 – 1 Gallon, depending on the number of bunkies

Application Recommendation

1. Energy Seal
2. High-End Log Home Stain
3. Log End Seal

For stain, we recommend a high end log home stain like Learn more more about how to stain your bunkie.

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