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Adjustable Partition Pack


Looking to add a separate space to the interior of your bunkie?  The Adjustable Partition Pack allows you to ‘add a room’ up to 6’ x 5’ x 8′ H to any of our bunkie models.

You can choose your room size and height and customize it on site to meet your needs! You can have a beautiful partition that matches your bunkie’s walls, easily assembled in a day or less. 

How it works:
In a wooden log cabin style structure, expansion and contraction of the walls is something that needs to be taken into consideration when interfacing with a wall. We have developed an engineer-approved system that allows you to add extra walls while allowing wood’s natural expansion and contraction. 


    • Over 500 lbs of premium grade Northern Spruce lumber
    • Can be built in any Bunkie Life bunkie
    • All wall boards and ceiling boards are pre-cut and notched for smooth interlocking.  You can determine the length you prefer for each wall on site by making very simple, straight cuts.
    • Proprietary wall clip system allows for expansion and contraction of the wood
    • You can ‘add a room’ in your bunkie up to 6’ x 5’ x 96” H
    • You determine your preferred height on site by making very simple, straight cuts (max 96”)
    • Wall guides provide a seamless-looking connection to the existing wall
    • Choose which wall and which size you want for a door opening
    • Decorative trim to frame your door opening is included; all you have to do is cut to length
    • All screws and nails are included
    • You choose your finish.
    • You can choose how to finish the door opening. Common choices are a bifold door, barn / sliding door, curtain, etc (not included).
    • Manufactured at our factory in Rockwood, ON

See the Adjustable Partition Pack inside the Hideaway Bunkie (55 sec)

Bunkie Life Owner David Fraser

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