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Pod Sauna


Made in Canada • Handcrafted in Ontario

Build your own Pod Sauna at your cottage or property from Bunkie Life’s exclusive Pod Sauna Kit.

This DIY Sauna Kit is made in Ontario and is an affordable and effective option when building a sauna.

  • Sauna seats 6-8 people
  • Made from Canadian Pine
  • Height: 86″ (220 cm) x Width: 117″ (297 cm) x Length: 118” (300 cm)
  • 3 Windows: 1 window in the door, 2 side windows on front
  • Tiered benches
  • Approx. 95 sq ft inside
  • Porch area includes two wooden seats: 23.6” (60 cm)

Sauna Kit also includes:

  • 3 peg clothes hanger
  • Vent kit and cover
  • Roof Membrane
  • Roof Boards
  • Screws for assembly

Includes your choice of sauna heater: 

  1. Harvia KIP80-B Electric Heater (wall mounted): 8000 watts, 240V single ph, 40 Amp line, Wire size 8 (not included), and Harvia Sauna Stones

  1. Harvia M3 Wood Heater, Harvia Sauna Stones, and Chimney Adapter

What isn’t included:

  • For the electric option – Wire to connect the heater to your electrical panel is not included. Clients should hire a certified electrician to connect their heater.
  • For wood burning option – Chimney flue pipe (after the Harvia wood heater and the chimney adapter). This should be purchased and installed by WETT Certified technician. Clients will also need to purchase a Heat Shield Mat to be placed under the wood heater (or other WETT certified non-combustible material).
  • Hole saw for where you run the heater flue.
  • Foundation: We recommend a level area for install. It is wise to build a small platform, deck, or other to lift the sauna off the ground and away from any sitting groundwater.

Warranty: 2 year manufacturer warranty valid only when the manual and its requirements are followed.

Delivery: Delivery charges apply; please inquire for more details

Payment: We require a deposit of 50% and the remaining 50% due 3 days before delivery. We accept payment by E-Transfer, Cheque, or Credit Card (fees apply). Financing is available through Paybright. Call 1-877-276-2780 to see if you pre-qualify.

Availability: 4-6 weeks

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