Bunkie LILfe St. Patrick's Day Sale 2019

You're Invited To Our St. Patrick's Day Party & Sale
Sunday March 17, 2019
8:30 PM

Live music!
Fun and Prizes!

Great Prizes & Deals

$1500 Off Any Bunkie
OR Free Shipping within 5 Hours of Erin, Ontario
OR $100 Donation to Charity of Your Choice
OR 0% Financing for 6 Months
OR Sale on the Tiny Bathroom Bunkie
OR $1000 Installation Credit
OR We'll Buy Your Metal Roof
OR Free Bunkie Airbnb Stay
OR $1000 Credit Towards a Custom Bunkie Project and MORE!!

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8:30 PM March 17th 2019
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8:30 PM March 17th 2019
Bunkie Life David Fraser and family

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We had about 20 cm of snow thanks to snow squalls off Lake Ontario. I thought the Bunkie with the fresh snow looked nice. By the way, my son and I have slept out in the Bunkie when it was around -10 out. Just a small electric heater that looks like a small fire place and the Bunkie was toasty and warm all night.
- Mark T, Trenton, Ontario—Bunkie Life Customer