What Tools Do I Need to Build a Bunkie?

0.08 1. Measuring Tape: This is helpful when you’re getting started. The logs in the Bunkie Kit are pre-measured and pre-cut, but the measuring tape will help you confirm the size.

0.28 2. Hammer: To knock the tongue and groove logs into place.

0.39 3. Sledgehammer: A heavier tool is nice to have on hand to also hammer logs down.

0.49 4. Level: The longer the better if possible to help get your foundation level and ready for the build. It is also helpful during the build.

1:15 5. Cordless Drill: Useful for floorboards and roof boards.

1:40 6. For More Advanced Users: Small Compressor and Nail Gun: To install floorboards and roof boards.

**You can use a hammer for the floorboards and roof boards too! It just might take you a little longer.

2:10 7. Other people: We recommend asking people to help you build your bunkie. It’s fun and the more hands, the easier it is.

2:20 8. Step Ladders: Get one for sure and more, even four if you are able to. Consider asking your neighbours to borrow a ladder.

3:00 9. Saw: You may need one for the trim, just to finish it off.

In summary, there are only a small handful of tools required to build a Log Cabin Bunkie from a Bunkie Kit.