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Fall 2021 Bunkie Contest Live Streams (Replays)

Bunkie Contest Winner Conversation [1.5 min]

Sun Nov 14

Live Stream #6 – Bunkie Contest Winner [Full]

Sun Nov 14

Live Stream #5 – How & Why Bunkie Life Helps The World

Tues Nov 11

Live Stream #4
Completing The Bunkie Picture

Tues Nov 9

Live Stream #3
Earn Cash For Your Bunkies

Sun Nov 7

Live Stream #2
Bunkie Building 101

Thurs Nov 4

Live Stream #1
How To Rock This Contest

Tues Nov 2

Previous Bunkie Contest Winners

Winter 2021 Bunkie Contest Winner

Megan Hanna, Dunchurch, ON

Announced February 7, 2021

Fall 2020 ON Bunkie Contest Winner

Rosanne Allan, Owen Sound, ON

Announced November 8, 2020

Fall 2020 BC Bunkie Contest Winner

Damon Hanly, Burnaby, BC

Announced November 8, 2020

Feb 2020 Bunkie Contest Winner

Emma McGinnis, Ottawa, ON

Announced February 13, 2020

Feb 2019 Bunkie Contest Winner 

Gail Koster, Sturgeon Falls, ON

Announced February 28, 2019

Feb 2018 Bunkie Contest Winner 

Nina Wodzinska, Toronto, ON

Announced March 31, 2018

Bunkie Life is Featured on HGTV Canada

October 4, 2020

Bunkie Life on “Family Home Overhaul”  – Vanessa & Bubba

Bunkie Life is Featured on CTV News

February 13, 2020

“Made Right Here”
CTV News

How to Get More Points

How To Get 500 More Points How to Get More Points

How To Build a Bunkie

See more helpful videos by David Fraser on how to build a bunkie 

How To Build A Foundation for a Bunkie

What About Insulating a Bunkie?

Bunkie Build in 5 Hours: Time Lapse Video