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May 21, 2018
YouTube Video
Build a Log Cabin Bunkie in 5 Hours
Time Lapse Video
5.2 Minutes

Watch a Log Cabin Bunkie be built from the ground-up in 5 hours.

May 9, 2018
Facebook Live + YouTube Video
How much is delivery for a bunkie?
1.2 Minutes

David Fraser explains how you can get a Bunkie delivered to your home or cottage.

First, Bunkie Life could deliver it or second, David describes the type of trailer you need to pick it up.

0:15 David explains the cost of shipping
0:30 Pallet dimensions of the Bunkie Kit
0:40 What you need if you pick it up in Mississauga
1:00 Description of delivery times: Monday to Friday

May 6, 2018
YouTube Video
Watch How Easy It is to Build a Log Cabin Bunkie
30 Seconds

Watch how easy it is to build a Log Cabin Bunkie from Bunkie Life

May 5, 2018
Facebook Live + YouTube Video
Do I Need A Building Permit To Build A Bunkie On My Property?
3.2 Minutes

0:25 David Fraser explains that a building permit is not required for a structure occupying less than ten square metres (108 square feet), based on the Building Code Act, 1992. The 2018 Log Cabin Bunkie is 82 sq ft.

1:00 David advises you to check with your zoning by-law regulations for your municipality as they differ depending on where you live in Ontario. This is a quick, easy phone call to your planning department.

To help you with this process, here are examples of a few websites with information and numbers for you to call.

1:15 Sarnia
- Projects that do not require a building permit are less than 110 square feet…/permits-and-…/building-demolition-permits

- Check with the Sarnia Planning Department as to where to put it on your property, 519-332-0330 X3303

1:45 Hamilton
- Projects that do not require a building permit: Building a shed, garage or gazebo that is not attached to your house and less than 10 metres square (108 feet) in area…/buil…/residential-building-permits

- Check with the Hamilton Planning Department Permit Specialist as to where you can put it on your property, 905-546-2720 X3015

- In Hamilton, accessory buildings can't be used as habitable space, but they are ok for storage, tools, gardening supplies etc.

2:45 Erin
- A permit is not required for accessory buildings less than 108 sq ft.…/building-permit-application-requiremen…

- Check with the Erin Building Department as to where to put it on your property, 519-855-4407

*When talking to your municipality, please reassure them that the Bunkie Life bunkies are not tiny homes and there is no plumbing 🙂

----> Please share with us if you have called your Municipality to check where you can put your Bunkie on your property. We'd love to help other people in the Bunkie Life group.

April 25, 2018
Facebook Live + YouTube Video
How to Build A Foundation For Your Bunkie
2.5 Minutes

David Fraser explains an easy and economical way to build a foundation for a Log Cabin Bunkie.

----> Free installation offer to residents of Ontario if you purchase a Log Cabin Bunkie by April 30th, 2018

0:15 How do I build a foundation?
0:32 What do I use? Cinder blocks plus 4x4 pressure treated wood, total cost less than $100
1:05 Picture of cinder blocks with 4x4 wood foundation, keeps the area under the Bunkie well-ventilated

April 6, 2018
Facebook Live Video
Should I paint or Stain the Bunkie? How Often do i need to re-treat it?
7.5 Minutes


David Fraser interviews Jennifer, a paint and stain expert from Timber Mart in Hillsburgh, ON to answer your questions.

0:20 Do you recommend stain or paint?
1:06 What brand name do you recommend, and what is the most popular?
2:24 How often would I need to re-treat the Bunkie?
3:50 If I want a more natural look, what product would you recommend?
5:30 What is the cost?
5:47 How much coverage do I get, and how many cans of stain would I need?

@Caledonia Timber Mart
@PARA Paints Wood Stain
Duckback - Makers of Superdeck and Mason's Select

April 6, 2018
Facebook Live Video
David explains how buying a bunkie helped solve a problem for his family 1.5 Minutes


April 2, 2018
36 Minutes


Winner of the $6000 Log Cabin Bunkie

Nina Wodzinska, Mississauga, Ontario

Congratulations Nina!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest

OFFER: Get "Free Shipping Anywhere Within 5 Hours Of Mississauga". E-mail and say "FREESHIP".

BONUS: All purchases this week get an official Bunkie Life golf shirt in your custom size.

*Offer expires April 9th, 2018

5 Winners of the Writing Challenge Announced by julia
Wednesday March 21, 2018
7 Minutes


Summary:  Julia reads the winning e-mails from the writing challenge. Thank you to all those who sent in their letters, and congratulations to the top 5 winners! 

1. Lisa M. from Dunnville, Ontario
2. Matt M. from Orr Lake
3. Sharla S.
4. Barb and Bob H. from Stratford
5. Judie S.

Mini Challenge #2: Earn 102 points by sharing your thoughts in a 5-Minute Questionnaire. Thank you to over 1200 people who participated in the Questionnaire.

YouTube Video Sunday March 11, 2018
Our First Mini Celebrity Endorsement
3 Minutes

Facebook Live Video Sunday March 11, 2018
8:00 PM
"Ask Me Anything about bunkies"
29 Minutes


Summary:  David talked about “What Are Bunkies?” and “Why Bunkies Are So Great” then answered a lot of questions.

Facebook Live Video Sunday March 11, 2018
2:00 PM
"Ask Me Anything about bunkies"
30 Minutes


Summary:  David talked about “What Are Bunkies?” and “Why You Would Benefit From a Bunkie” and answered a lot of questions.

Facebook Live Video Friday March 9, 2018
8:00 PM
"How To Get More Points for the Win A Log Cabin Bunkie Contest"
27 Minutes


1. To Win An Extra 201 Points: Email by March 17th, and explain in at least 200 words “Why I Want To Win The $6000 Backyard Log Cabin Bunkie” and what you plan to do with it or where you’ll put it when you win! Top 5 entries will earn 201 additional points. Best of luck everyone.

2. Offer: If you’d like to make sure you get your Bunkie right away, you can put down a deposit. Currently, we have a limited number left in the Mississauga warehouse. Other units will require an 8-10 week delivery. 

View inside the log cabin bunkie in 3D

Look inside the Bunkie with three dimensional virtual reality.

You can start imagining where you would like to set up your furniture and how you would like to decorate your Bunkie.

Dollhouse View allows you to see more the main floor and the loft, and how they fit together in three dimensions. You can see an unobstructed view of the main floor.

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