2018 Announcing the Winner of the Log Cabin Bunkie Contest

On April 2nd, David announced the lucky winner on Facebook Live of the $6000 Log Cabin Bunkie Contest (March 1-31st 2018). There were over 13,231 participants, one Grand Prize and 10 other prizes.

April 2, 2018 – Facebook Live Video – 36 Minutes – 3,104 Views

SUMMARY: On April 2nd, David announced the lucky winner of the $6000 Log Cabin Bunkie Contest. There were 13, 231 participants. One Grand Prize winner and 10 Prizes for the top 10 contestants.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Read the transcript of the Facebook Live Video. It includes questions and answers to many common questions about Bunkie Life Ontario cabin kits.

Start: David singing and playing the guitar while waiting for people to join in.

3:12 Alright, we’re going to get started, we’re going to announce the winner very shortly. Thank you, everyone, for tuning in. I don’t know how many people are tuned in. If you want to comment what you did this Easter weekend I’d love to hear that, and where you’re from. And I while we’re waiting I filmed a lot of stuff. We actually installed a cabin near Petrolia Ontario at a farm. I’d like to show you guys while we’re waiting. I’m going to give everybody 5 or 10 minutes to get on. Here’s my countdown to when we announce. 
I’m going to announce the winner very shortly but I want to show you what we did this weekend before we get into that. So here are some videos and clips. (Shows a video of people building a bunkie in Petrolia, ON)
5:29 I am going to read some comments. Everyone is saying where they’re from. Great to see a ton of people online, that’s great! I’m excited to announce the winner. Now what I’ve noticed about this contest.. I’ve never done anything like this before. What I’ve noticed is that everybody is convinced they’re going to win. Every single person. We ended up having 13, 232 people enter. So mathematically speaking obviously you know you’re the winner of course. But for the other people that mathematically can’t be the grand prize winner, I prepared a little video. I took my celebrity endorsement actress and we shot a video for you guys. I hope you love this video. Basically, it’s for the people who don’t win. NOt you, not you specifically. The other 13, 231 people. Without further ado, this is a video and I will be announcing soon.
6:29 A video to the song Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler. David’s mini-celebrity showing sadness about the chance you might not win the Bunkie. But don’t be sad, you can always purchase one from Bunkie Life.
8:33 Alright guys, just to reiterate, we’re going to announce the winner shortly. After I announce that, for the other people that are heartbroken and devastated, we do have a special week-long offer we’re going to have for you guys. So special offer, stay tuned for that. And also, I don’t know if you notice what I’m wearing. I’m wearing the official Bunkie Life golf shirt. And we’re going to be giving three away to someone who sticks around to the end of the chat.  So, let me show you this thing, it’s pretty sweet. Just fresh off the press. Made here in Canada and very stretchy fabric, but not too stretchy. Stretchy, but not too stretchy. We’re going to give 3 of them away. Basically, my team picked 3 people they thought were awesome and we’re going to give 3 away. So, without further ado, I want to announce the winners.

9:25 Just a precursor I want to say everybody did a great job. I’m blown away by everyone. There are 10 prizes for the top 10 points winners then there’s the one Grand Prize. The Grand Prize is going to be chosen at random, and the top 10 go basically to the people who asked the most others to get involved. Let me read those peoples names. The top 2 get $3000 towards their Bunkie should they choose to purchase one: Steve D & Candace. You both get $3000 off. Three, four and five positions, they get $2000 towards their bunkie Cholena D, Rob T. & Craig M. You all get $2000 off, congratulations. Then the other top 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, you get $1000 towards your purchase if you choose to make one. We have Sarah J, Troy N, Rufus R, Deborah G and Tammy M. Congratulations to you guys. It was a dogfight there at the end. Well done. That’s the top 10 winners. That wasn’t really a big surprise.

10:50 Now I’m going to do the Grand Prize winner. Before I announce this, I would like to say this. Chances are you’re probably going to know the Grand Prize winner or been referred to the Grand Prize winner. If that’s you I’d like you to get your cell phones out and start texting the Grand Prize winner if it’s not you. Ideally, I’d like them to call me, ok? So that’s how we’re going to do it. I want to ideally get the person on the phone. If you could, if you don’t win, try to call the winner if you know this person.


11:22 Drum roll please…  Congratulations! The winner is Nina W! Position #304, total entries: 4. Ok, that’s the winner, Nina W! Nina I emailed you my name my wife’s phone number and a secret confirmation code. If that’s you Nina I got my phone right here, call me as soon as you can. If you know Nina, text Nina. Now for those of you, sorry you didn’t win. I was rooting for everybody, there are so many great stories I heard throughout the contest, but I have something cool for you. If you didn’t win the Grand Prize or the top 10 prize, I’ve got something cool for you ok? We want to make a very special offer to you. If you need a Bunkie in your life, you gotta get some bunkie in your life, we have something for you, ok?  Here’s our offer, if you order this week, you can get in probably before the summer and you’ll get your bunkie and it’ll be gorgeous and this is what I want to offer you guys “We’ll pay your shipping anywhere within 5 hours of Mississauga” We will pay your shipping if you live anywhere within 5 hours of Mississauga. We’re going to pay out of our pockets. Just email me david@bunkielife.com and say “FREESHIP”. That’s how we’ll do it. 

If you live farther out, let’s say you live outside of the 5-hour radius, we’ll still chip in $300 towards your shipping. If you’d rather just pick it up yourself, that’s no problem, we’ll give you a $300 gift card to Home Hardware or Home Depot or someplace like that so you can pay for your roof or whatever tools you might need. So that’s our offer, free shipping, and it expires this Monday, a week from today, April 9, 2018. So get in touch with us, go to our website if you want, and you can buy one. But realistically you’re probably going to want to talk to us. When you do talk to us, I’m looking forward to it. The best way to do it. You can call us or go to meet.bunkielife.com and you can actually book a bunkie tour. I’d love you to come down and check it out. There are hundreds of people, maybe not hundreds, but there’s dozens of people coming this week and next week for a bunkie tour. My calendar is all there and you can book a time to do that if you go to meet.bunkielife.com. Very much looking forward to having you. If you just want to chat, that’s fine too. So that’s our offer once again, free shipping anywhere close to Toronto. 


14:20 Secondly, we’re going to be giving away these t-shirts, this is our last thing. I hope it’s not a last for you guys. These are the 3 shirts. I am hoping my team has emailed the list of people they want to win these shirts. There are a few people who really stood out as really good team players. Maybe they didn’t win the most points but they were really encouraging or positive. Oh! Now Heather’s telling me we’re scratching that idea. Ok great.. I’ve kind of been thrown under the bus :). We’re supposed to have 3 people. So here is what I’m going to do. I’m going to scroll through your comments. I am going to pick 3 people. Names I notice and recognize. 

Ok I am going to throw a name out right now, Julia Landry. You’ve basically commented on every single one of our videos, thank you, you’ve been very encouraging. Julia Landry I’m going to give you a free Bunkie Life shirt. Send me an email with your approximate size and your mailing address or you can pick it up at my house. I said I’d give away 3, I’m going to do 3. People that are awesome. There was a ton of comments on here, I apologize. Ok.. people are saying.. people are liking the video. I’m going to.. this is going to get long and draggy if I don’t just do it. I’m going to email 2 other people. Actually, wait. I want to give one to JoAnn Christine Pfoh. I don’t know how to say your name but you’ve been on every one of our calls, thank you. I’d like to give you a Bunkie Life shirt as well. So email me your size and address. One more person, ok here’s somebody. Lisa McMahon, I believe you’re from Dunnville. You’ve been a great contributor as well. Lisa McMahon, I’d like to hook you up with a Bunkie Life golf shirt. Ok so that’s more or less what I wanted to get to.


16:28 If you have any questions, I am going to stay online. So I’m going to field any questions, comments, concerns. If you have questions, feel free to throw them out there. I’m going to take comments here. I’m going to stay online for the next 15 minutes or so. If you have any questions, throw them my way. I’m going to scroll down to the bottom. Ok, people are saying pick me! Everyone knows that we did the grand prize, that was earlier.. Nina. We’re starting to get questions now. 

>>> Dave D. asks, can you merge two bunkies together? I would not recommend that just the way the rooves slope together it wouldn’t be good. You could put them side by side and it would be really nice but putting 2 together, it’s better to get a large one. We’re going to be selling larger ones over the next year or so. 

 >>> Gail A. asks, can you just order a kit and pick it up? Yes, you can totally pick it up. We have a warehouse in Mississauga, that’s where we store all our stuff. You can absolutely pick it up. If you don’t want to have delivery. Like I said we have that free shipping offer if you want to email me FREESHIP david@bunkielife.com. If you want to pick it up I will give you $300 gift card to Home Hardware or something so you can pay for your roof. If you just want to pick it up yourself. That’s totally fine.
>>> Angie R. asks where’s Nina? That’s my question guys, where is she? She’s got my number, I’ve emailed her. Nina, get on it, call me. My phone is here, ready to go. If she doesn’t call, we’re not going to be jerks, we’re just going to email her. We will wait. Hopefully, she’ll call me soon. Where’s Nina?
>>> Neb A. asks do you make other sizes? At this point, they’re all around 100 sq. ft. to stay under the building permit but we will be offering bigger sizes later. So no, but soon we will. Thank you for that question Neb.
>>> Jennifer R. asks merge 2 or bigger options maybe? As I answered earlier to Dave. Merging 2 is not a great idea but they’re going to be bigger options later. 
>>> Jula C Do you have a financial payment plan? We are strongly considering that at this point. Anyone who is interested in that can email us. We’re going to have probably that option in the near future. So if you’re interested in financing your bunkie, we might be able to make that happen. Thank you so much for asking that question, Julie.
Great contest. People are saying it was a very fun contest.
>>> Filomena G. asks can they be insulated for winter. Yes, it’s possible to do that. I’ve had guests throughout the dead of winter without insulation. You just have a really good heater system. My guests were staying this past weekend and I had guests even in January and February. It’s wood, it’s not really insulated but you can add insulation if you’d like to. You’d just have to spray it on and then you’d need to have some type of extra siding. That’s totally possible but not included in the kit, there’s no insulation in the kit.

Barb D. The suspense is killing me. Barb we did announce the winner, Nina is the winner. Hopefully, she calls me. I’m still going to give her the prize even if she doesn’t call me but it would be great if anyone knows Nina W to call her.

>>> Do you plan on making on larger bunkies in the future? Yes, we are going to absolutely be doing that. We actually have our 2017 model which is slightly bigger, about 10 sq ft bigger. 

 We are all waiting to hear from Nina, we’re all waiting to hear from Nina. Someone says my daughter’s name is Nina does she count? No, the official Nina has been emailed.
>>> Marian B. What would be the actual time to put a bunkie together? We put the bunkie together on Good Friday, 3 days ago, in about 5 hours plus the time it took to level it which was probably about 2 hours. We put it together in a day then there will be another day of finishing. Finishing the roof and painting and staining. Give yourself a weekend. But if you have enough help, 3 or 4 people you can probably put it together in one day. 
—- Neb A. asks What is weight and dimensions of kit? The pallet is about 13′ long by 4′ tall by 4′ wide and it weighs 2500 pounds. So if you’re thinking of picking it up, you need a double axle trailer, most likely.
—- Jennifer R. says redraw. No, I don’t think I’m going to redraw. That would be rude to Nina. But Nina, seriously call me.
—- Gail A. What type of base do you recommend? I assume you mean to build on. On Friday we used patio stones and wood posts, 4 x 4 wood posts. That’s what I’ve always used. Some people will pour a concrete pad. That’s a lot of work. You could probably get by with cinder blocks and 4 x 4 posts which are under $100.
—- Mary T. ask how long does it typically take to build a bunkie? Great question, I answered that earlier but about a weekend, we’ll say to get it fully in.
—- Filomena G. Can I use it in the winter? I’ve used mine in the winter but I do have supplemental heat. I have a couple heaters in there. And I have an electric blanket for the bed because that is key.
—- Pamela M asks what do you recommend building it on? Does it have to be raised off the ground? We kind of answered what do you recommend building it on question but I would recommend raising it off the ground just because if there’ s any type of water gathering underneath it could potentially make the wood all soggy. 
—- Julia L. asks when is the last deadline to order a bunkie for summer? Great question Juila L, I appreciate it. It takes about 6-8 weeks for us to ordering it and getting it in Mississauga at the warehouse. If you want to get it for summer June 21st. If you order now you can take advantage of that free shipping offer and you can get one before summer.
—- Sara A. asks will you send info for sizing, etc for the tin roof that is necessary for the bunkie? Yes, I’m actually working out a deal so I can just have you guys call Home Hardware or wherever and they’ll have that ready to go for you. The guy we had it installed for on Friday had it all delivered to him, and it was a perfect size. We’ll take care of that for you.

—- Joanne C. says you should do this with the roll up the rim at Timmies instead of cars. That’s actually a cool idea. Maybe we’ll talk to Tim Hortons about that. Why not giveaway a bunkie?

People are saying thanks for the opportunity.

 —- Marian B. You said you would deliver up to 500 km from Mississauga, so I’m wondering if I made a drop-off point in Sudbury could we arrange that? I said 5 hours. Sudbury I think is roughly 5 hours. So if you’re in Sudbury we could probably get it to there, and you could pick it up. Yes, that’s fair. Or if you just want our people to just deliver the whole way and make up the difference. That might be another way to do it.
—- Rita A. asks how is the bunkie ventilated as I stayed in one this past summer and it was very hot inside. Good question. So the bunkies only have a thin pane of glass and although it’s quite airtight, they’re not completely airtight so they kind of ventilate themselves. The newest 2018 bunkie has a window right at the top of the loft which will get a lot of air flow which is great. That’s what I would recommend. Actually, in one of my bunkies, I installed a Walmart.. special

25:24 Oh! I’m getting a call! This might be Nina. Hello this is David. Hi it’s Nina! Is this Nina? Ok, so do I have your permission to put you on speaker phone. Ya sure. Ok I’m putting you on speaker phone everyone. Hi Nina! HI. So Nina how do I pronounce your last name, sorry for butchering it. It’s Polish. Ok cool. Well thank you for calling. Did you get the email or did someone from your circle of friends tell you to call? I just got the email. Ok great. Thanks for calling. I have you live on the live stream right now. So you are the winner. I have a couple questions for you. Are we former lovers or high school acquaintances? Do you know me, have we ever met before? Sorry, what? Have we ever met before. No, no. Ok good. People are wondering if this is legit – we haven’t dated or anything like that in the past? No, no. 

So we can work on logistics of it after the live stream is over but I wanted to ask you is it ok if the Bunkie Life people come and help you build it or film you guys building it? Yes, I think so. I haven’t quite decided where I’m going to put it. Ok you don’t have to decide that now. But it would be awesome to get a video of you guys smiling in front of the bunkie and enjoying it. That’s kind of all for now. This is my wife’s number but I will call you later tonight. When would too late be? After 10pm would probably be too late. Ok, I’ll definitely call you before 10pm. Ok great! Awesome Nina, congratulations and we’ll work out the fine details of how to get it to you later. Alright great! Thank you so much! Ok, congratulations! Alright, bye.

27:20 Ok! Nina’s a real human being! Yes! We got her!  Ok, I’m going to keep answering questions.
—- Matthew from Orr Lake asks how do the 2 by 4’s actually secure between one another? Are they run through a router or how does it get those grooves? I don’t fully understand your question. Are you asking how the logs interlock? They’re not 2 x 4’s, they’re logs that have 2 tongues and 2 grooves that interlock. You don’t need any tools or routers or anything like that. I don’t know if I’m answering that question right. If you want, rephrase that question?
28:30 Also if you have really specific questions go to www.meet.bunkielife.com and book a time to chat with me one on one. But I’d like to answer the big questions. Angie says sing us a song. Maybe at the end Ange.
—- Filomena G. asks can they be made to have a small kitchen and bathroom? No, I would say no. It’s too small to include that. They’re roughly 90 square feet. 85 plus the loft give or take. It’s good for a queen size bed and the loft. It’s not a tiny house.
—- Danielle D asks how did you decide to start making bunkies? For me, this bunkie solved the problem that was my parents live far away and I have 2 small kids. Evie was the star of that video. I have 2 kids they want to come to visit and they didn’t like being shoved on our couch in our small house. So my mom started sending me all these tiny house videos and photos and I decided that was way too expensive and huge. I wanted not a tiny house but an extra bedroom That’s what the bunkie did for me. Since then I started renting it out on Airbnb and growing it that way.
—- Candace S. asks is the older model the same price? Yes, it is slightly bigger, not as many windows. I have one of the older models, as you can probably see on our website. If you go to Airbnb, my listing is the “Camping without the Hassle” They’re the same price. They’re pretty similar but the new one has windows and is slightly smaller. The old one has fewer windows but is slightly bigger.
—- Linda B. on average how long does it take to build one? It takes us about a day but it might take you about a weekend.
—- Marian B. Have you drawn for all of the prizes now? yes, we have drawn all the prizes
—- Correne S. Could you install a wood stove? Some people have. I have not done that because it’s a very wooded area and it would not be covered by government inspectors, no way. But could you? I wouldn’t recommend it but you probably could.
Someone writes, I would love to build a bunkie tied into a treehouse, that would be cool.
—- Marian B. can the bunkie take a steel roof? I love your questions, Marian. B. Yes, actually I have a steel roof on 3 out of 4 of my bunkies. The steel roof is great and lasts forever and it’s not that much more money. Under $300 the last time we checked.to get a steel roof. That was delivered. That’s pretty legit. If you go with a steel roof you don’t have to do it twice.
—- Barb M. asks can it be winterized? I am sure it could but it’s not included in the kit. I’ve used mine all winter with 2 heaters in there and an electric blanket. It’s cold but not too cold. 
31:44 Sara A. says but we are always winners. And I’m buying one!  Ok, congrats Sara. You were a winner Sara, you got one of the prizes. But yes, we are all winners. Looking forward to serving you, Sara.
—- Karol S. says my camp is 3 hours north of North Pay. Is this in the distance frame? Probably not, you probably looking at 6 or 7 hours. Like I said, we’ll give you credit for shipping or if you want us to bring it as far as we can and you pick it up. It might be farther. 
—- Lisa M says where do you see the different model plans to choose from? Right now we just have the 2017 and 2018 that we’re officially selling. Email me, Lisa, you got my email. We’ll talk after. 
Someone’s asking a question and I’m thinking of the answer. Sara A says the team can come and build mine! Picturesque by a river in the Muskokas. I will provide food, music and bevies. Oh – and karaoke outside after it’s all built. We’ll consider it. 
—- Marian B. asks to your knowledge by living in Mississauga would this be a problem building it in Burlington? Thanks for the question. I live in Erin. I would assume that in most places you don’t need a building permit but ask your town. If you do, you can get a building permit for these. They’re relatively easy to get a building permit for. I don’t know specifically about Burlington.
—- Karen C. asks as a rental Airbnb, what does one do for washroom facilities? Great question Karen. So I have a 4th bunkie that’s my bathroom bunkie. It’s a simple bunkie and smaller. I put a composting toilet in that. Then all 3 of my rentals share that.
—- Danielle D. says we did not hear the wood stove thing lol! Good. Is your Airbnb in Erin? Yes, it is. You’re welcome to come any time Danielle. 
—- Pamela M. asks can I use your washroom if I come to your Airbnb? Great question Pamela, no you can’t My wife has very specific no strangers in our bathroom policy inside of our house. That is why we built the bathroom bunkie. Has it happened a few times when she was away? Yes, it has but not normally.
—- Danielle D. what is the wood? Pine? It is Northern European spruce. It is really nice and has lots of knots.
Alright, that’s more or less all the questions I can find. Once again if you have any more, feel free to field them. Best thing to do is book a time to chat with me at meet.bunkielife.com. Or if you’re ready to order, you can do it right on our website. We take credit cards, Paypal, all that stuff. But I realize it’s a larger purchase so if you want to talk to me first, that’s totally understandable so reach out to me guys. It’s been a pleasure. Congrats to Nina, congrats to the top 10 winners. I’m going to send this out with some tunes. Thanks for tuning in.
34:50 (David plays the guitar and sings Free Falling)

Thanks for tuning in guys! This is one last reminder, we are doing a deal. If you want us to pay your shipping, let us know by this Monday. All the best, and it’s been a pleasure doing this contest. Thanks so much!

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